Fall Wrap-Up

Athletes have gone indoors after a great fall on the water, and Erg Ed is wrapped up for the first semester. A few of our favorite photos and memories from the fall of 2010….

Novice RVR Athletes had an awesome weekend on the water at the Frostbite Regatta – despite clouds and some rain, everyone was in good spirits and rowing fast

Students at Aki Kurose, Washington, and Eckstein Middle Schools had RECORD SETTING weeks of Erg Ed and got the program off to a great start

Erg Ed Program Instructor (and Mt. Baker Novice Coach) Heather Alschuler taught a few hundred students the rowing stroke – and helped inspire and enhance their commitment to health and wellness along the way.

Senior Program Director Karla Landis led students, staff, teachers, and volunteers to consistently improve themselves and each other – on and off the water

More than two dozen volunteers pulled together to introduce rowing to hundreds of youth, cultivate skills for lifelong fitness, and support sustained participation on the water.

And that was just the fall! Much more to come in 2011…

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