Lindsey Hochman, PRC High Performance Athlete, Joins the Row to the Future Team!

Earlier this spring, the Row to the Future staff recognized a need to bring on a manager for the RVR cohort – an experienced mentor working directly with RVR students to navigate the boathouse environment and support their development on and off the water. We were fortunate enough to bring Lindsey Hochman, a PRC High Performance athlete with US National Team experience, onto our team for exactly this role. Row to the Future intern Mac Nicosia caught up with Lindsey a few weeks ago to learn more about her, and the important role she plays in the lives of the RVR athletes:

Even though Lindsey Hochman has been a member of the Row to the Future community for a brief period, her passion and fun loving attitude is already brightening everyone’s day! As the RVR Cohort Manager, Lindsey is responsible for supporting student development outside of practice and helping them navigate the world of rowing.

One part of this support is transporting students from home or school to practice. This daily trip is much more than a van ride – it’s a bonding time for students. Through discussions of school, family, relationships, and books, Lindsey has made a “subset family” for the students. They even have a “Van Song” that they all sing and dance to whenever it comes on the radio.

Outside of van time, Lindsey also plans specific events for the RVR cohort. Most recently, the students had a bonding activity involving 2 amazing things: pizza and frozen yogurt. Lindsey described the significance of the cohort activities: “With these events, it’s a good opportunity to get their feedback on a more personal level. Next week, the kids will be looking over the [RVR new student] application form. Getting their suggestions on current questions and programs is very important,” reported Lindsey.

When asked what the best part of her job was, Lindsey said, “Interacting with the kids every day. When I went into this job I thought it was going to be me helping them, but it’s them helping me and giving me a bright spot in my day. They are all fun kids to be around.” Lindsey is as excited to work with Row to the Future as we are to have her as a member of our community. “It’s a great community cooperative collaboration. It’s good to bounce ideas around each other. Everyone has a common goal and it’s good to learn and share together. There is a lot of support at all levels.”

When Lindsey is not helping RVR athletes achieve their best in rowing, school, and life, she’s busy pursuing her own elite rowing career with the PRC HP team – you may have seen her speeding across Seattle’s waterways in her single. Welcome Lindsey to the Row to the Future team! And thanks to Mac Nicosia for researching and writing this article.