Northwest Junior Regionals!

RVR Athletes Take on Regionals
As the competitive spring racing season draws to a close, RVR students trekked down to Vancouver, Washington to compete in the Regional Championships as part of both the Mt. Baker and Pocock teams. Greeted by “bi-polar” weather and intense racing, the students competed against teams from other parts of the city and other states.

“My favorite part was hanging out with my team and seeing friends from other teams also racing against the other teams with great sportsmanship!” said Ali.

A fun-filled weekend was also filled with pre-race nerves. “Always right when they say ‘attention’ I always try to breathe and not freak out,” commented Melody. “Racing, even though it was super stressful, was worth it in the end.” When asked how the final 500 meters were in her races, Melody said that “the first race I was in, which was a quad, I was super tired but I was still trying to push hard. And in the eight I was in, I was breathing and pushing so hard I felt like a piece of warm Jello.”

After racing hard and a weekend full of excitement, Mt. Baker novice coach (and Erg Ed Instructor!) Heather Alschuler noted “lots of smiles spotted on all RVR athletes’ faces throughout the weekend.” Melody wrapped up her interview by telling me about how her team did. “We got third place (in the quad) and got some shiny medals! And in the eight, we got third too. I felt so accomplished.”

We congratulate all of the athletes for their tremendous performance and hard work!

~Thanks to Row to the Future Intern Mac Nicosia for conducting interviews and writing this article. More highlights, including more photos, coming soon!

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