The greatest internship ever.

By Alex Silva, RVR Class of 2015

This summer I worked as an intern for Row to the Future. It is honestly one of the best organizations I have ever been a part of. I had the option of a few jobs this summer and most of them paid more than this internship, but being a part of rowing is what really made me choose this one. I knew everyone I worked with, and I got to meet new people at a bunch of different community events.

I had not realized just how accessible rowing is to the community around me. One of my goals as an intern was to help recruit more kids from my community to row for their neighborhood boathouse. I always thought rowing was hidden to most kids, but this internship was such an eye opener for me. I got to be a part of a bunch of community events and I got to talk about rowing to tons of enthusiastic kids. There are so many rowing opportunities in this city.

My advice to next year’s interns: be open to people. The kids are so enthusiastic to learn how to row and some parents are too, and it’s always nice to be open to show people new things.