View From The Coxswain’s Seat – USRowing Junior Regionals, Vancouver, WA

My team and I left for regionals on Thursday after I got out of school. Mount Baker rented two huge buses. The trip to regionals was exciting and I was really excited to be with my team at our last novice regatta. We were all very pumped and very very happy! The food was AMAZING!!!! Everyone liked it and it was fun because my mom was food tent director!Sachiko Cox

My first race was Friday. Our start felt pretty focused but not set. The ratio wasn’t really present for long. Our finish wasn’t the best but we learned a good lesson and did a whole lot better for our last race. My second race was beautiful! The warm up went so smoothly and we couldn’t have asked for a better race.

The best part about racing is the excitement, the idea of winning getting the gold. Going neck and neck against another boat waiting for your boat to start making that move. People find that extra energy – it showed me they can just ride on adrenaline. It was intense! At times (during Regionals), I thought back to our resilience lessons — it helped me a lot and reminded me to just be a cool cucumber! It was such a light bulb moment!

~Sachiko, RVR Student at Mt. Baker