Connections: Insight from an RttF Intern.

Intern, Melody Huerta, second from the right

Intern, Melody Huerta, second from the right

They say your entire life is made of moments, and to be fair, this has some truth to it. But in my 16 years of life experience, I have found that my life is made up of connections.

A connection is the commencement of something bigger, the beginning of great potential. Every single, legendary, life changing business deal has started with pen to paper and a firm handshake. And what is a handshake, if not a connection? A simple handshake can be the key to gaining trust. An unspoken way of portraying, hey you can trust me!

In rowing, it’s all about the connection. Where would rowers be if they didn’t connect to anything? Your hands connect with the oar, your blade connects to the water, and you are faced with the start of something powerful and beautiful. This summer I was accepted to do an internship with Row to the Future, many may look at it like a really cool job, and of course it is! But I see this internship as a huge connection and amazing opportunity for me. Not only do I get to meet and learn from people who have already made those connections to be where they are today – I also get to be someone else’s connection. I have been given the chance to share what I’ve gained by rowing with younger kids who have yet to find their passion.

I hope to become a link between the kids I meet and rowing. I hope that sparks fly when they connect with the erg for the first time. I hope this summer I make connections that will remain past these few months, connections that could possibly change the path of lives for the better, my own included.