44th Annual Brentwood Regatta

April 25-27, 2014 – Over 1600 athletes and coaches traveled from the United States and all parts of British Columbia to participate at the 44th Annual Brentwood Regatta, the largest junior regatta on the west coast. Kirby and Sachiko, two students enrolled in the Rainier Valley Rowing program, were excited to make the trip with their Mt. Baker teammates. Reflecting on the long commute from Seattle to Vancouver Island, Kirby commented, “The bus ride was awesome, because it involved a team bonding and talking to the novices.” Sachiko agreed, “ The bus ride was fun, it was really cool to be able to watch multiple movies on the ride. It was also fun to talk to teammates and eat delicious snacks.”

Both students also had a great time racing. Kirby, a four-year rower and graduating senior said, “Before racing at Brentwood I was pretty bummed that I didn’t make the lightweight boat, especially since it is my senior year. However, my boat got first which is a great way to finish my last trip to Brentwood.” Sachiko, a varsity coxswain said, “The weather conditions were somewhat bi-polar. I found it interesting how the clouds moved fast and could change from a super sunny day to a windy mess. I had a total of five races. One of my races in an eight, my boat made it to the final by less than a second (3rd) place.” 

More student testimony from the Brentwood Regatta:

When we got the race course on Friday at about noon, conditions were pretty good. There was a little rain but not much. There wasn’t much wind and that was really helpful because we were able to have all of our scheduled races for Friday to happen. On Saturday morning until about noon, conditions were great. Then the wind speed really picked up and delayed racing for 5 hours. I was in 2 races, an 8 and a 4. My 8 got 3rd in our heat by a third of a second! It was a really close race. My 4 got 3rd as well but it was a timed final so we didn’t end up placing. All in all, my second time at Brentwood was really fun and I cannot wait until next year! – Kayliana

The conditions on Friday were nice. It was sunny with a slight breeze. Saturday was supper windy with a 5 hour delay at the end if the day. I had 3 races total. The light weight 8, we got 6th in the time final. I also had my lightweight 4, 1st in our heat and 1st in our final, winning the gold! – Alex