Board & Volunteers

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Row to the Future is proud to have the following community leaders as part of our Program, Oversight and Development Committees.

Tim Coyne
Martina Chavez
Victoria Gibson
Matt Johnson
Booth Kyle
Penny Lewis
Alice Lippitt
Sara Lopez

Kim Manderbach
Mac Nicosia
Margie Nicosia
Jabali Stewart
Helen Tilghman
Jessica Tsao
Valerie Voss
Anne Wessels

Row to the Future is the youth development initiative of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation. We are led by the esteemed board of directors below.

Julie McCleery, President
Booth Kyle, Vice President
William Pickard, Jr., Secretary
Andrea Bonaccorsi, Treasurer
Meghan Barry
Al Mackenzie
Jennifer Olup O’Brien

For bios of our board of directors, visit the GPRF website.