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Through Row to the Future, Seattle is doing what no other city in the U.S. is doing. We are introducing students to indoor rowing through P.E. classes in Seattle Public Schools as part of Erg Ed, our school-based program. Erg Ed provides opportunities beyond the classroom through camps, field trips and indoor-rowing competitions. We also provide support for on-the-water rowing as part of Rainier Valley Rowing (RVR), which helps students overcome barriers to participation in traditional junior rowing programs such as cost, swimming ability and transportation.

Row to the Future is the youth development initiative of the George Pocock Rowing Foundation.

The George Pocock Rowing Foundation has a rich history of working with successful outreach programs, including the Lakeside Education Enrichment Program (LEEP), Girls Row and Row to the Future–its most recent and largest initiative. Row to the Future’s model, unique among urban sports, leverages school and community partnerships to create an innovative network of youth program opportunities–improving access to participation and empowering students to make healthier lifestyle choices now and in the future.

Two main programs: Rainier Valley Rowing and Erg Ed

Rainier Valley Rowing (RVR), founded in 2008, is a cohort-based program operating in partnership with Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center its associated Advisory Council, Seattle Parks and Recreation, and Pocock Rowing Center. Through RVR, students receive comprehensive support including scholarships for registration and regatta fees, team travel, transportation to and from practice, swimming instruction, uniforms and training gear, healthy snacks and mentorship. RVR students row for their neighborhood boathouse during the year and come together outside of practice for programming focused on academic and professional development and community engagement.

Erg Ed, launched in 2010, is a classroom-based indoor rowing education program operating as part of Seattle Public Schools. Erg Ed brings equipment (indoor rowing machines – ergs), technology, and highly qualified instructors to middle school physical education classes so that teachers and students can access rowing without leaving the classroom. Erg Ed has been integrated into Seattle’s “Five For Life” physical education curriculum and serves as part of the physical education experience for all middle and K-8 schools in the District. ErgEd is available to over 10,000 students at all 21 middle and K-8 schools across the city of Seattle.

Our History

1984 – George Pocock Rowing Foundation founded
1994 – Pocock Rowing Center built in Eastlake
2008 – Rainier Valley Rowing launched
2010 – Row to the Future launched

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