The Case for Rowing

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Rowing is a transformative sport.

Rowing inspires youth to make healthier lifestyle choices now and in the future. The benefits of rowing last a lifetime.

Improves Physical Fitness

Rowing requires muscular strength and aerobic conditioning. Rowing is a full-body exercise and is a way for youth to challenge their physical abilities as a means to living healthier lives now and in the future. Unlike other high calorie burning exercises, rowing is low-impact and easy to perform yet requires a wide-range of joint movement making it the optimal vehicle for fitness.

Develops Teamwork

Success depends on every member of a boat working together. Rowing is often referred to as the “ultimate team sport” and is ideal for inspiring youth to work together to overcome challenges.

Inspires Environmental Appreciation

Rowing connects athletes to the natural environment. Nearly three square miles of blue space–water–surround and define the City of Seattle and opportunities for rowing and other water based activities abound. These waters are an untapped resource for the development of healthy, active youth in  their pursuit of lifelong health and wellness.