Erg Ed Curriculum and Lessons

Core Curriculum
Erg Ed Curriculum 2013 for download

Classroom Worksheets and Evaluations
Day 1- Active Alphabet playing card
Day 2- Rowing Circit Check List
Day 3- Rowing Your Fastest 1 minute
Day 4- Two Minute Partner Workout
Day 5- Student Evaluation
Post Program- Teacher Evaluation YEAR ONE
Post Program-Teacher Evaluation EXPERENCED

Instructional Videos on YouTube
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lessons 3-5
Water Rowing Video

Row On Curriculum (supplements for years 2 and beyond)
Lesson Adaptations
Row On vs Core Lesson Plan chart
intro- warm up and cool down
lesson- 1 minute Row-tations
lesson- All hands on deck
lesson- circuit challenge
lesson- circuit challenge worksheet
lesson- crossing the Delaware
lesson- don’t tip the boat
lesson- fish game
lesson- fitness testing
lesson- fitness testing worksheet
lesson- five stroke experiment
lesson- golf game card
lesson- golf game
lesson- iRate
lesson- match play golf game card
lesson- match play golf
lesson- no calorie left behind
lesson- one minute rowing challenge
lesson- pace boat activity
lesson- pyramid
lesson- rah rah 100m challenge
lesson- relay 20
lesson- relay minutes
lesson- row to Olympia!
lesson- row to the boathouse
lesson- rowing snack attack
lesson- the strongest link
lesson- the strongest link worksheet
lesson- we row

Teacher Ideas

Scavenger Hunt

Word Search

Erg Ed Test