About Erg Ed

Launched in 2010, Erg Ed is a classroom-based indoor rowing education program operating as part of Seattle Public Schools’ physical education curriculum.

This innovative program uses rowing as a tool to support lifelong fitness, continued participation and improved water access. Erg Ed provides indoor rowing machines, technology and highly qualified instructors so that teachers and students can access rowing – without ever leaving their classroom!

Erg Ed is available to over 10,000 students each and every year! 
In partnership with Seattle Public Schools, Erg Ed is available to EVERY middle and K-8 school across the city of Seattle.

Where in Seattle is Erg Ed? 

Learn about our school partners:

Aki Kurose Middle School

Broadview Thomson K-8

Catharine Blaine K8

Denny International Middle School

Eckstein Middle School

Hamilton Middle School

Jane Addams K-8

Madison Middle School

Madrona K-8

McClure Middle School

Mercer Middle School

Orca K-8

Pathfinder K-8

Salmon Bay K-8

Seattle World School

South Shore K-8

TOPs K-8

Washington Middle School

Whitman Middle School

You can sponsor an Erg Ed school with a donation of $3 or more.

Erg Ed provides each student: 

Skills for Lifelong Fitness
Every Erg Ed student learns rowing basics using rowing machines (ergs), participates in lessons on intensity and goal setting, and participates in team relay races. They develop skills they can put to use at any boathouse or gym in the country and on rowing machines or in boats throughout their lives.

Vigorous Physical Activity
Erg Ed emphasizes self-regulated intensity. Students raise their heart rates and sweat more while rowing than while doing almost any other activity. Students learn to push themselves and get more out of every future workout.

Access to Seattle’s Waterways and Continued Participation
Students receive Water Access Guides—resources and maps connecting schools, pools and boathouses. Students also have access to continued participation with Row to the Future, including scholarships for on-the-water rowing, field trips to the University of Washington, low-cost rowing camps and indoor rowing challenges and competitions.

Erg Ed Mini Camps                                                                                                       In partnership with local Seattle boathouses, Row to the Future is excited to offer Erg Ed Mini Camps at two locations (Pocock Rowing Center in Eastlake and Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center). These one to three day rowing camps offer students a chance to take the skills they learned during PE and test them out on the water. Space is limited, so sign up today!

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