About RVR

Improving Access

Rainier Valley Rowing helps students get on the water! In partnership with local boathouses and Seattle Parks and Recreation, RVR provides support – including scholarships, transportation, swimming lessons, mentorship, parent information sessions and more – to remove barriers that limit participation in rowing. No students are turned away for lack of funds.

“I love rowing…It’s a way for me to relax to relieve my stress. It’s taught me about being part of a team that has to work together to win. There is no star in a boat, if we can’t work together we won’t win. I need a scholarship to take the financial stress off my family. My parents just don’t have the money to cover any of the expenses.” ~RVR Student

“What I love most about rowing are the lessons I’ve learned. I have grown to become more responsible, independent, confident, and motivated. One of the biggest lessons I have learned through rowing is that hard work pays off.” ~RVR Student

Collaborative Learning

Outside of practice, RVR students come together for programming focused on academic and professional development and community engagement. Students are guided through the year by a cohort manager who serves as a liaison with parents and coaches, oversees students’ academic progress, and troubleshoots with the athletes as they learn a new and intense sport. In the spring of 2013, RVR and the University of Washington will be working together through the Resilience In Sport (RIS) curriculum. The RIS curriculum is designed to help youth improve social, emotional and athletic success through

“Rowing has been the best thing I have ever been involved in. It has helped me physically, mentally and socially. I’ve worked harder than I ever have and accomplished more than I thought I could. If it wasn’t for RVR, I never would have tried rowing. Now I look forward to continuing to row all through high school and continuing to get better.” 

Where is RVR located?

RVR students participate in rowing programs at two different Seattle locations: Mt. Baker Rowing and Sailing Center (Mt. Baker) in South Seattle and Pocock Rowing Center (PRC) in Eastlake. Thanks to our partnership with Seattle Parks and Recreation, Row to the Future provides transportation for students rowing at Mt. Baker during the fall and spring seasons. Students are picked-up and dropped-off at designated locations and times, usually your school or local community center. RVR students rowing at the PRC–or RVR students rowing at Mt. Baker during the summer–receive assistance for bus fare to and from practice.

Fun Facts about RVR

  • Founded in 2008, the RVR program serves a model for other rowing communities, nationwide.
  • RVR has supported over 40 students through their junior rowing experience.
  • 95% of RVR students are students of color.
  • 25% of RVR students learned to row while also spending time working on their swimming skills with a certified instructor.

“Whenever a person is doing something they love, they can’t help but smile as they do it. I always go to crew practice with a big smile on my face.” ~RVR Student